NFC Timing

The NFC Reader is our simplest and lowest cost solution for timing events. Your participants each wear a smart timing band and all they need to do is tap in at the finish line to receive a time.

How does it work?

When the participant crosses the finish line, they simply bring their timing band close to the NFC Reader and their time is recorded. The reader will also beep and light up with each tag read to confirm that the timing band has been read. You can deploy multiple NFC Readers on a finish line, or even use them as checkpoints on course.

Portable Drop & Go deployment

The NFC Reader is a water resistant, compact and portable unit that deploys in seconds.

It has an integrated battery meaning that it can operate without the need for external power (although you can connect a standard mobile power bank, 5V mobile charger or Solar power for extended/continuous operation).

A built in GSM modem allows for remote devices to send their data online, no matter where they are, so long as there is cell signal.

Communication and Live Results

It has an integrated cellular modem that uploads data automatically online, meaning that results are displayed in real time. If used in areas where there is no cellular coverage, the unit will store all data internally and send this as soon as a connection online is restored. Apart from cellular connectivity, there is a LAN port to enable a local network connection.

The unit is designed to automatically connect online when started. The moment a tag is scanned, the data is pushed online to the Mobii Cloud server for processing in real time. Although the system can be deployed in a wide range of sporting activities, it has been designed specifically for running clubs to cater for their weekly time trials where setup and infrastructure needs to be kept to a minimum. Other uses include relay events and trail running.

Designed for Running Clubs

The system has been designed to accommodate multiple distances at the same time. For example, if your club hosts a time trial with two distances (5km and 8km) often there is no time to register people to each course before the start of the race, also runners may change their distance mid-way through the race and normally you would need to manually change the course that each person ran to reflect accurate results.

To solve this, we have created a solution by allowing you to set dedicated scanners for each distance. In this scenario, if the runner taps in at the 5km reader, their time will reflect automatically for the 5km course, the same applies for the 8km course. There is also no on-the-day registration required. When a runner owns their timing band and has a profile, they can arrive, race and tap in at the correct scanner and they will automatically be entered results correctly. We have taken care of all the logic to simplify the user experience for the club.

Results are displayed in real time through a web page and can also be viewed on the Mobii Results App.

Virtual events

Another potential use of the NFC system is in virtual events. Virtual events allow you to permanently setup a NFC reader along a route, runners can then arrive at any time, tap in to start and complete the course on their own or in a group. You can use this deployment to host events over a longer period of time where a leader board is maintained.

Mobii Run App

This is our simplest and lowest cost solution for events and in its simplest form only requires a mobile device (Android and iOS) that has our Mobii Run App installed.

Mobile AppIt’s simple, purchase some of our timing bands that contain both a QR code and NFC timing chip. Download the Mobii Run App and use your smart phone as a timing device. When your phone/tablet scans a tag, it sends it to our online platform and results display in real-time. The hardware outlay is minimal and you are up and running in no-time. You can use multiple phones/tablets to scan timing bands at the finish line.