Mobii Have an ace team of developers, tailor-creating programs & applications to suit the timing industry

Visual Coder

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The Visual Coder is a software application that allows the user to create a result "manually" using a video input to a laptop. The VC software syncs up the video recorded to a GPS time server, thus ensuring results are created at the same time of day as they would be if read by a timing device. Just as a pod can be deployed anywhere, the VC can be used to create a result for any participant at any point on the course where a timing line is setup.
As a participant comes into view, by identifying them by their bib number, a result is created for that participant at the time of day where they are in frame; this result is then synced up online and appears as a result in the results display. The VC can create results for any timing line, be it a finish line, start line, lap counter or checkpoint.
An added feature with the Visual Coder is the ability to generate a photo finish, using the same frame the participant's result is coded at. Mobii's software automatically extracts the frame at the result time of day and uploads the image to our servers. THIS image is then accessible and shareable by participants and spectators.

View a photo-finish

Race Manager

The Race Manager allows you to manage your event and timing data. Using the online web portal at you can work collaboratively with your team. When our timing software is installed, you can access the same functionality on your computer for use in an offline environment. When changes are made in either the software, or online portal, the changes are synchronised in the background when an internet connection is established.
The live sync nature of the Mobii system is second to none. You can have crew timing an event in a distant location, yet are able to monitor a live feed of result data in the same timing software from the comfort of your office. You can even make registration changes remotely that sync down to time keepers at the event location in real-time.
A key feature of the Mobii timing system is the ability to automatically create rules around race logic for you. A flexible platform allows for changes to course leg configurations to be made instantly and calculate the resulting data for you, in just the way you need it, in real time. Gone are the days of working with spreadsheets and manually manipulating data to produce results.
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Results are viewed online or locally in real time. Online results can be embedded into your own website and you can change the styling to match your brand.
At the event itself, you can also access results from the Race Manager software over a local network connection. This means that you can view results instantly on a tablet or TV display. You can render different result displays on demand (for example the commentator can view the latest finishers, while a separate TV screen can render the leaderboard). The options are high customisable and configurable, but for simple use, we have included a few standard result displays to each profile for ease of use.
Included with the Mobii Timing System is the self-results photo finish app which lets participants view their result and their photo finish immediately after crossing the finish line. Simply enter your race number and up pops the rest.

Mobile Management app

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Our latest app allows you to time a race from the palm of your hand using your smartphone or tablet. Set start times, Scan finishers and view results, all on one device.

Free for download on Android and iOS, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get timing.
Using the your devices camera, you can scan the unique QR code worn by participants with our NFC timing strap. The result is sent via the internet to our cloud server result engine, where it is calculated and then displayed to the public either via a web display or in the Mobii Race Results App.
The timing straps are NFC enabled, meaning that smartphones with an NFC reader are able to time with ease. Simply wave your phone over the wristband to read the unique signature on the NFC chip. This data is then sent to our cloud server where it is processed and shown as a result.

Results app

Mobii's new results app is market leading. Results are shwon in real time as participants cross the line. Built-in media shows that participant's photo finish and even video finish at selected events.

View lap times or checkpoint times as they come in from the field. Know who's leading the pack in real time.
With some events having tens of thousands of participants, finding the one you want can prove challenging. Our app has intuitive search and filter options to help find your favourite, and, when you locate them, mark them as your favourite to build your own personalised list of race participants you'd like to follow. Built in push-notifications keep you up to date as results come in for your friends.
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